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In the wake of the Loma Prieta earthquake, crews worked around the clock to repair the Bay Bridge.   During seismic repairs, a group of ironworkers secretly affixed an 18-inch, fierce-looking steel troll forged by a Bay Area blacksmith to Pier E9, as a symbol of protection. The troll sat undiscovered until January 1990, when the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about the figure.  

A new troll has been created for the new East Span of the Bay Bridge. At two feet, two inches high, the new Bay Bridge troll is slightly larger than his predecessor and wields an ironworker’s mallet and torch. In keeping with troll tradition, the steel statue was forged by hand in Richmond, CA and signed by its makers. He has been transported to a shady location on Pier E2 of the new East Span.

Troll White Paper - August 20, 2013